Dancing into a new decade

Do you know what this pose is called? Dancer’s pose. Or na-ta-raj-asana in sanskrit. Also derived from ‘Lord of the Dance’, Shiva, a Hindu God. Shiva is dancing, Shiva is fierce, Shiva is working to maintain balance through life…mentally, emotionally, physically…bringing into balance all parts that make up a whole being.

Physically, this pose has many benefits in a class or home yoga practice. E.g practice natarajasana regulary and welcome in a range of benefits like:

  • improved balance
  • improved strength around your ankles/feet
  • ability to find strength to shift into the pose and ease to stay in the shape
  • cultivates a sense of calm and focus
  • open heart

Going back to balance….what is balance? Balance is so different to every person…

For me, dancing into a new decade has felt like a delicate dance as I juggle various plates to find balance…thank goodness for yoga and breathwork supporting me at this time of fierce change.

There have been some shifts personally with changing jobs, wrapping up with an amazing team and of 2022, starting a new and fabulous opportunity at the beginning of 2023, connecting with family in PNG to celebrate 40, teaching yoga in Port Moresby and Brisbane, noticing and accepting the changes in my body that come with hormonal changes at 40, navigating romantic connections with hope, grace and dignity somewhat intact, adopting a cat, releasing unhealthy connections/habits, teaching yoga and creating some sense of normality and calm within, while it feels like the world, my inner and outer world, is shifting fast.

Whew – hello 40.

Hello change.

Hello balance.

Hello natarajasana.

Tell me how you maintain your sense of self, and calm in times of change?

I have been practicing mindfulness, pausing and meditation. Grounding in. Settling.

Is your 2023 going well? I hope so. This is your reminder to pause when you need to. Dance when you want. Rest when you are called to.

You and I will keep dancing through the days and months, embracing change, and new beginnings…

With love,

Roxy xo

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