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25 Hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga and Ayurveda Center and Online Yoga School
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia


December 2019

Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia
8 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training (Continuing Professional Development)

May/June 2019

I completed a yoga immersion Bex Tyrer, Yoga Teacher and Activist in Indonesia at Yoga Barn.

  • Unwind the Feminine, Specialised Yoga Training, 80 Hrs
  • Living Wisdom, The Bridge Between Yoga and Activism, 80 Hrs

November 2018

150 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training
Stretch Yoga Academy*, Brisbane, Australia
Qualified as a Level 1 Yoga Instructor

September – October 2018

Acro Yoga
Completed 5 week introduction to Acro Yoga course
Nirvana Pilkington, Brisbane, Australia

July 2018

200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training
Stretch Yoga Academy*, Brisbane, Australia

*Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia Registered Training School

Yoga: changing me, shifting me, supporting me.

I have been practicing yoga since 2004 / 2005. I went to my very first class when I was doing my Masters in Brisbane. I left yoga and returned again in 2008, left and started again in 2011 – 2012 to bring some peace of mind to my busy advertising life in Canada. I left my yoga practice yet again… I thought, why do I keep stopping? I enjoyed it so much, but it was time that got me. I was unable to drag myself away from my desk at work to land on the mat. I thought projects would not launch, that the world would end, that cracks would form in my project if I was not available 24-7. It was this state of mind that evolved into depression and anxiety for me.

I turned 30 in 2013 and depression and anxiety kicked me to my knees. I lost my sense of self and came to a point where I could not get out of bed to put my clothes on. I relocated from Canada to Australia where I bounced between Melbourne and Sydney seeking freelance work. I cried constantly….waved the white flag, and relocated to PNG where I stayed for an extended period to find myself again and to be held close by my family. I relocated back to Brisbane to seek medical assistance to manage my depression and anxiety.

I slowly put my life back together again. Increasing my work load from 3 hours a day at a local kebab shop to 20 hours at a call centre, 2 years in debt collection and then realised I was missing the creative industries and moved back into marketing and communication roles where I can write, design, strategise and be creative! This time around, holding on my mental health and wellness.

I knew I needed something to commit to – swimming, touch footy or running. Something to move my body. Yoga offered a practice to calm my busy and sad mind and to move my body. I started going to yoga in 2015 (10 years after my first yoga class) once a week at a gorgeous studio in Newstead, and then twice a week and then three times a week! This led to a 6-week meditation course and then weekend workshops and then yoga retreats and 350 hours of yoga teacher training in 2018. The more I practice, the more I love it and through this practice have been gifted with the most beautiful souls on the same journey and the quality of my relationships with my loved ones has improved. I’m not a ticking time bomb waiting to go off anymore.

*Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia Registered Training School

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