Student Reviews

It is a privilege for me to share yoga with anyone that lands on the mat with me. I feel fortunate to have had amazing teachers who taught me with much grace and respect and I want to honour that with my own journey as a teacher. My sincere thanks to my students for allowing me the fortune of sharing yoga with them. xo

Student Reviews

Roxy is an amazing instructor with a beautiful temperament. Her classes are not only informative but enjoyable, she is so patient with her students that even my 5 yr old can participate in the class.



Roxy’s session gave me something to look forward to on a Monday! Her sessions are wonderful – great pace and flow and well explained instructions. She’s a very approachable and attentive teacher too, giving individual advice to us on our practice. Roxy really makes it easy love Yoga practice.”



Roxy has a calm vitality that radiates from her and you can’t help but feel the glow of her internal sunshine. She teaches with empathy and care… ☀️