Workshops and Retreats

Sign up for a 2 hour self-care workshop in Brisbane in April 2021! I will roll this workshop out in Port Moresby as soon as I am allowed to travel, post-pandemic.

Join in a Yoga Retreat in 2022 in PNG! Woop woop. I’m researching the perfect location and will keep you posted here or you can stay tuned via my newsletter.

Sharing yoga and the benefits of mental health and wellness is so important to me. Yoga won’t turn you into a unicorn! But, it is worth exploring and adding to your toolkit, particularly if you are seeking a spiritual practice that has the potential to ground you. It is from this lens, that I intend to share my first round of yoga workshops and yoga retreats this year.

If you would like to stay informed about workshop dates and retreats, please send me a message via this form. I will add you to my monthly update list and keep you up to date.

With love!

Roxy xo

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