Light up your life: pause, see, be…normal is good

So ften we can look at social media and see someone’s highlight reel. The wins and awards and beautiful moments of their lives. I know I look at some feeds and think – Wow, wish I was going to this exotic destination as I see people jump on and off planes. Sometimes I can feel a little bit of envy cos I love travelling and of course happiness they are living their joyful lives, teaching the rest of us to embrace each day. The reality is, when you feel jealous or envious, that’s a sign that you would like something rather than a dislike for the person. So, it used to bother me before that I felt like I was missing out on social media, and now it’s a sign to myself that I would like to experience xyz for myself.

That said, I heard someone say recently, normal is good. A normal house and normal job and normal routine is what a growing number of people would love. There are people who live on the borderline of poverty and without a social network and support and crave normal.

Feeling safe and having a home and regular lifestyle is something to celebrate. Stable housing can offer people a strong foundation and place to start from, work from, live from…this can be what people sometimes take for granted.

So often, we spend our time scrolling and wishing our lives away, without seeing the blessings that lay in front of us. The certainly of having a roof over our heads, of having family and friends to nag us, talk to us and love us, a car that we might complain about paying registration for, yet there are people who would love to have a car. That’s not to minimise the bad days or genuine tough times people experience…rather to talk to normal as steady, healthy, lucky and such a blessing. Normal is good.

If you find yourself in the comparison game, scrolling, wishing, waiting and wondering…remember to call yourself back. Pause. Catch yourself. Breathe. Start again. Reset your nervous system to see the beauty in your life and the blessing that you are. Not only the people we see in the digital world and on screens. You, yourself are magic, with all your divine-ness within. Remember to celebrate the normal too. The rhythm, the day-to-day. Our daily routine is amazing too.

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