‘I don’t want to lose control’ said Zoe Wees

“I don’t wanna lose control
Nothing I can do anymore
Tryin’ every day when I hold my breath
Spinnin’ out in space pressing on my chest
I don’t wanna lose control” Zoe Wees.

Guess what? I also don’t want to lose control. I seem to have two moods. I don’t want to lose control, let me make everything perfect (which it rarely is haha) or IDGAF I’m letting go energy.

Yet, maybe sometimes we need to let go a little bit.


Surrender does not mean defeat.

Releasing control can have a trusting energy to it, giving whatever it is you are working to control to a higher power. It can be scary at times, yet it’s also an act of faith and trust to lose control and let go.

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