Agni: bringing the heat in yoga

Each month in yoga, the students and I have a different focus. I love to have a theme throughout the month…for example, one month we focused on balance, another month hanumanasana (the splits pose) and in July we focused on AGNI or heat.

Why heat? In July the weather cools down this side of the pond and to balance out the cool weather and winter months, I love to bring the heat so we warm up, build strength and keep trucking forward with clarity!

There are many benefits of an agni/heat focused yoga practice….

Benefits include:

  • Developing a strong core
  • Improving digestion
  • Developing inner willpower to digest life and move forward
  • Focused energy

In a class, this may look like fire breathing pranayama/breathing exercises or perhaps boat pose/navasana, chaturanga, low plank, side plank/Vasisthasana.

Sooo if you are feeling stuck or have dense energy and would like to create heat and offer mental clarity and focus, consider an agni practice.

REMINDER: please bring your heat/strong yoga practice into balance with cooling exercises, extended pause/savasana to re-balance and centre yourself after a strong agni focused practice.

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

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