Cultivating your Drishti / Sanskrit word for inner focus or gaze

Do you want to know where your focus is? Have a look at the last 5 transactions on your bank account. That will indicate what is important to you.

How do you spend your time through the week?

What are your digital habits like?

Where focus goes, energy flows…

I frequently invite students to cultivate their drishti or inner focus/gaze. Some people feel happy with where and how they allocate their times and others are concious of investing time into more productive or nurturing activities. Through class, I regularly invite students to pause and notice their breath in and breath out. Where focus goes, energy flows…

Do you want to cultivate your inner focus or gaze? Here are some tips:

  • Ground in and listen to the sound of your inhale and exhale
  • Allow yourself to feel the sensations on your skin
  • Notice your energy levels
  • Bring your eyes towards the bridge of your nose or find a spot on the mat/floor in front of you to focus on
  • As you focus on what’s in front of you, bring attention to your peripheral vision and what you can see out of focus
  • Set your intention for meditation or your day or your month or anything that you would like to focus on
  • Use your breathwork to calm yourself
  • Practice your pranayama or breathwork for 10 / 15 minutes per day
  • Bring awareness about into your physical body
  • Notice your surroundings
  • End your meditation with respect and gratitude
  • See how you feel and how your days pan out when you do take time to cultivate attention and focus over 1 month
  • 1 month is a good length of time to practice and create a new meditation habit around drishti and intention setting/sankalpas

Enjoy! Remembering yoga is a journey…not a magic pil, it’s a tool and information to support you through your daily life. :=)

Roxy xo

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