Yin and yang: invitation to balance

I found the beautiful picture below on Instagram and really want to share here on my blog as well, the visual representation of yin and yang.

What is your energy like now?

Where do you traditionally find yourself?

Are you a high octane, high energy person operating at a hundred miles an hour? Ideas may come quick and fast and sometimes your mouth is faster than your brain?

Or do you think and move a little bit slower. Considered in your approach?

One way is not necessarily better or worse. Which is why I love this visual representation of yin and yang.

Yin has many influences, particularly traditional Chinese medicine. Yin also taps into the energy of the moon which has a cooling, quiet, introspective quality and is represented by the black part of the symbol. Whereas, yang is connected with the sun and more of a dynamic and creative, external energy. Both qualities are important, the sun needs the moon and the moon needs the sun and work in harmony with eachother. When one kind of energy is dominant, this can be when things can start to go awry.

How do you bring more balance into your week?

If you find that you are operating at a high octane level, have a go at a more cooling practice like yin or restorative yoga. Even incorporating some poses at home like child’s pose (malasana), supported legs resting against the wall (viparita karani) or final resting pose (savasana) for 5 minutes can help to ease the body. The Science of Yin Yoga | UPLIFT delves into yin.

If you need more energy and yin is strong, an idea is to start to incorporate more dynamic practices and heat building poses and breathwork like 5 rounds of sun salutations or kapalabhati breathwork.

Food for thought to bring a little bit of balance into a sometimes out of balance world.

Love Roxy xoxo

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