Is life re-directing you?

What do you think about setbacks? What do you think when life doesn’t go the perfect way you planned?

Over the past few years I have had the fortune of being able to teach throughout Brisbane and also meet people from all different backgrounds, age groups, cultures and interests, that I would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise in my daily life. Teaching yoga means that we do connect on a deep level and people share about their journey in movement and also meditation and spirituality. I didn’t ever expect to be teaching or practicing yoga regularly when I first landed in a yoga class in 2004. This wasn’t on the cards for me and is a far cry from my post graduate studies in strategic advertising! Lol. My career so far has mainly been in ad agencies and corporate roles and being able to walk around in a t-shirt, tracksuit pants and no shoes to share with people how to move and breathe feels random and freeing! Yoga is an introspective practice and impacts how we live externally.

I was chatting with one of my lovely students after class last week and he comes from a corporate background and is currently exploring a career in health and yoga teaching. This interest in health and yoga teaching has come about due to an injury. I shared that I only ever embraced yoga in 2012/13 cos I had struggle breathing and with anxiety. I was constantly in a state of panic cos I could not get my body to breathe and it was scary. I knew that I was physically healthy, so it shocked me when anxiety rolled over my body and I could not breathe. What a way to live…constantly in a heightened state of fear and panic. There were happy of moments of course during this period, and most times during this period, the sadness felt like I was drowning in it.

The breathing exercises in yoga truly helped me to finally breathe and move me out of a stressed and frightened state. Yoga helps my student with pain management. With both of our journeys, we have been re-directed to an unexpected love for this practice.

We both agreed that out of pain and hardship can come a re-birth and beautiful moments….and a re-direction to a fuller, happier and more peaceful version of you.

I share today in hope that in the challenges that may arise through this year, this pandemic, that may truly feel like a kick to your chest, may you continue to rise and rise again and allow the world to guide you to where you need to be.

Love Roxy xo

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