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Self-care Yoga Workshop Series 2020

So very excited to invite you to join me for Self-care Yoga Workshops this year. 🙂

Why self-care?

1. Self-care is underrated

2. When you take care of yourself and fill up emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, this has the potential to enable you to show up fully and happily at work, at home and in your own community.

I’d love to share yoga poses and practical self-care hacks to support you in the busy world we live in.

Why am I an advocate for self-care?

I didn’t care for my body, mind or spirit a few years ago….and I broke. In every way…including financially! Sooo….these workshops and this work as a yoga teacher is personal and from the heart as much as it is practical. I teach from the eyes of a burnt out, cynical and sad girl who has found solace through maintaining a self-care practice. By prioritising my health, my life has changed. Yes, I still look the same, drive the same car from close to 20 years ago, live in the same city, have the same circle of friends from years ago…it’s more that my insides have changed and I am not so sad anymore and want to share to help people manage mental health and wellness.

This self-care toolkit that I still use to this day includes:

  • Yoga
  • Journalling
  • Doterra oils
  • Movement (outside of yoga)
  • Regular connection with friends and family (and volunteering)
  • Meditation
  • Prayer

The workshops have been designed to provide you with ideas to form your own self-care toolkit to help you to reset your nervous system regularly, rest, recuperate without having to jet off to a foreign country. Rather, the workshop involves practices you can take home and start to incorporate into daily life straight away.

The workshops will be held in Brisbane and Port Moresby.

What can you expect at the workshops?

  • Yin Yoga class
  • Yin Yoga Booklet with poses you can do at home
  • Journal
  • Tea and snacks
  • Interactive learning and group sharing

When are the workshops?

Who will lead the workshops?

I will lead the workshops and will be co-hosting with a Doterra Oils expert and another yoga teacher! Stay tuned for further details!

How much and how long are the workshops?

The workshops will run for 2 hours. Cost is $35 for the workshop. You don’t need to bring anything! Mats, bolsters, blocks and snacks are provided.

Register here!

Comment with any questions! It would be wonderful to see you there.

With thanks,

Roxy xo

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