The gift of teaching

I taught my very first official yoga class on Thursday night at Stretch Yoga on Margaret St in Brisbane CBD. I had the privilege of teaching 19 students! I had an amazing time and I definitely think I should be teaching or training people because it gave me great joy to share information and to be in a room full of people who want to learn about yoga.

I have always loved teaching and sharing information. Earlier this year I led a Marketing Workshop in Port Moresby and a separate one on Sales. It was an honour to be able to stand up and distribute the marketing information I do have to entrepreneurs. It gives me great happiness to see people absorb information, question, ponder and see the light bulb go off as they begin to understand and apply the knowledge to their business.

I can’t wait to teach some more!

Big thank you to my students who showed up for me.

Roxy xo

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