Is Meditation just for hippies?

No! Meditation is for all. In our ever busy and connected lifestyle we may disconnect from our breath and our bodies and connect to our mobile phones. I love technology and that I can chat instantly via Facebook, WatsApp or email with my friends and family who are not in the same city as me. HOWEVER, that does not mean I can disconnect from where I am and live through my screen. We are overloaded with information from social media to text messages to emails at work to digital messages to digital out of home messaging. Studies support the notion that too much screen time for children is unhealthy. What about screen time for adults? Meditation is an excellent way to counter screen time for adults and bring attention to our body and breath.

Why meditate?

  • Bring awareness to the present moment
  • Meditation creates space in our minds because you are effectively stilling it and removing the “noise” and information overload
  • Meditation brings a sense of calm
  • Supports clearer thinking and improved decision making
  • You are activating the parasympathetic system of the brain which is calming. Often we operate in a high stress and busy environment
  • Meditation grounds you to respond rather than react to events

How long should you meditate for?

I recommend starting with meditation 3 x a week for 10 minutes and then increasing this to 4 days and eventually up to 7 days per week. As you increase, you can also increase meditation time to 15 minutes.

When should you meditate?

I find a morning meditation calms me and grounds me for the day. However, you can meditate at any time. For example, if work gets crazy, you can step outside of the office for 10 – 15 minutes and meditate to bring a sense of calm and clarity to your day.

What kind of meditation exercises are available?

Here are 2 exercises you could potentially start with.

First of all, get comfortable and bring your legs and feet to a comfortable seated position. You can prop your hips up on the floor with a blanket. Relax your shoulders down and feel the connection to your mat and imagine a string lengthening your spine. Once you are relaxed, close your eyes and work through the exercises below. You may find one exercise resonates with you more than the other.

  1. Samma vritti: Follow your natural breath and count your inhale. Pause and exhale with same count. Repeat this for 10 breaths. If you feel your mind wander, start over again. Gradually increase your time meditating.
  2. Follow your natural breath. Feel your chest rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation. Listen to your surroundings and listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale. Count 10 distinct sounds around you. Come back to your breath and count your inhalation and exhalation for 10 breaths. Again, gradually increase your time meditating.

I have found meditation calming and significant in clearing what was once a busy and depressed mind 5 years ago. Whether you are happy or sad, meditation will bring you back into your body and breath. Your mind may wander and be busy when you start meditating, but persevere because it will give you clarity as you go about your daily life. Let me know how you go too!

Roxy xo



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