Knowledge: to share or not to share?

Earlier this year I completed an assignment on Bharadvarasana. The Seated Twist is based on the story of Bharadvaja who was a dedicated student of the vedas.

The dedicated student

My understanding is that Bharadvaja withdrew from his community and home life as he committed his life to studying and learning all that he could about vedas. Bharadvaja died and was reborn 3 times and wanted to stop the cycle of rebirth, and when he was close to dying for the 3rd time, Shiva visited him. Bharadvaja was excited that Shiva visited him and thought his dedicated study meant that he had achieved his purpose in life and he would be one with Shiva, but Shiva was disappointed and basically said you have accumulated all this knowledge and learning, but you have not shared this information with anyone. Shiva made a commitment to Bharadvarasana that if Bharadvarasana tried to get close to Shiva again in his 4th lifetime, it will be his last.

Bharadvarasana’s teachings

Bharadvaja was born again for the 4th time and this time he shared his knowledge and education with people near and far with kindness and compassion, and as he neared his death students from far and wide plus Shiva came to pay respects. It was at this time that Shiva said Bharadvara had understood and learned the lesson and he was free from being born again to which Bharadvrasa responded and said he understands he cannot be truly close to Shiva unless he is sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Bharadvrasa died and was reborn to be an amazing sage.

To teach is to share knowledge

This story is not about religion or fact or fiction. There is a message and I simply love this story because it reminds me to learn and upskill and gain knowledge, that it is an important part of spiritual development and my personal journey. BUT this information is useless if I don’t apply it day to day, share it through teaching or even through leading by example. The information I have from yoga is wonderful but it’s important to share this because community and sharing knowledge to bring joy and peace to our community and the world is what is at the heart of yoga. If I am greedy with this knowledge and don’t share or make this knowledge unattainable, then I am doing a disservice to myself, the yoga teachings and my community.

If I take this a step further and apply it to my life, it means that I have a duty to share what I know about business, marketing, my knowledge about systems, process, culture, relationships, people, depression, anxiety, travel…whatever I know, every experience – good or bad has a lesson. It is this knowledge that has been gifted to me for a reason and is important for me to share with my family, my friends, my community in a respectful way. What good is knowledge in my brain or in a book collecting dust on a bookshelf? It is important for me to use this knowledge for my customers, my clients, my students, my community so someone may use it for their own growth.

May you also share all of you with the world and use all of your talents and skills to serve with love and intention.

Roxy xx

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