Yoga Activism

What do you believe in?

I believe we have been gifted with a beautiful world and enough resources and abundance to feed the world and empower people to live fully and happy lives. And yet the reality is the world is not always like this. You simply have to watch the news.

  • Does this mean that we lose hope?
  • That the problem is too big and someone else will fix it?
  • That we roll over and give up?

No, it means we continue to fight for the world we believe in and know it can be. Each and every person has the ability to facilitate change. Change in their own heart, change within their family, change within the community. And a positive change and impact. We are not here by accident, we are here by divine intervention.

What am I advocating for?

  • I want to see the end of gender based violence. Every person has the right to be safe and respected regardless of race, religion, gender or political beliefs. I work in domestic violence services and feel privileged to be able to show up each day to raise awareness about violence against women and empower people with information to break the cycle of gender based violence.
  • Mental health awareness. I want to break the stigma that comes with depression and anxiety, invite conversation and equip people with the confidence to reach out for support rather than struggle in silence. I volunteer as a speaker and share about my experience with depression and anxiety to encourage people to seek help for mental illness. #breakthestigma
  • Community support for people who are living rough in Brisbane and need food or furniture support. I volunteer at St Vincent de Paul Society and offer people who may need help with a hand up, rather than a hand out.

Why do I do this?

We all have times in our lives where life does not flow. Where it hurts to be, I know I have had several of these moments in my life! I feel fortunate to have been blessed with angels in the form of friends, family, co-workers and also complete strangers who have offered support and words of kindness. These seemingly small and random acts of kindness to me strengthened and heartened my soul. I feel cared for and supported and it is a privilege to live in this beautiful world we get to call home. Service to me is the rent I pay to live in this abundant and blessed world surrounded by loving souls.

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