How do you calm a busy & muddy mind?


Stop for a minute.

Often, when people are on auto-pilot, your mind can feel full and busy. Mine does…and I find it overwhelming.

The power of pause is incredible, to feel, to ponder, to observe, to notice.

I recall one of my yoga teachers likened your mind/our minds to muddy water. When you pause, the sediment drops to the bottom and the water clears up to offer some visibility. At this time, when the world can feel chaotic externally, internally can sometimes reflect the external busy-ness life has to offer. Which is where this practice of stillness, or pause, or heeding the call to sit still for a hot minute. Or 10 minutes, or 30 minutes…

Stillness and quiet can feel uncomfortable for some people and confronting. When I started meditation, 5 minutes felt like 60 minutes.

Pause gives space. Space to allow feelings, thoughts, sensations to rise. Can you allow this space, without judgement?

This practice of pause also involves mindfulness and self-awareness.

Today, I invite you to pause or incorporate pause into your day. Without tech devices, without judgement, with watching any screens…to be present with your inhale and exhale, and allow whatever rises…to rise.

Take care,

Roxy xo

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