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Your precious life

** trigger warning talking about life and death **

Last week I went to a ‘death cafe’ which sounds so morbid. 😪 But, it was actually so good cos we talked about important things to do and conversations to have. Like preparing a will. Life is so precious.

With every birth there is death…every beginning an end.

A few years ago I drew up my will. Before I went to meet the will people I felt so emotional and sad cos it’s confronting.

I had a conversation with my big bro in Aus about my wishes but also felt relieved after that my wishes would be taken care of when my time comes to an end. (Basically I’d like to be flown home to PNG and my jewellery and photo albums to my family)..

A will can help you and your family when it’s time to leave earth side…this can help them with grieving and respecting your wishes and offering support/healing for loved ones..

The other part to this coin is, how do you want to live your life now and with who?

I would like to love hard my family and friends and life itself..I hope to leave the world a happier/better place and serve while on this planet.

Food for thought and reminder how precious your beautiful life is. 💖 and conversations worth having when you are ready to…

This is your/our reminder to:

  • Slow down for a hot minute
  • Listen to the rain
  • Savour your inhale
  • Enjoy hugs with your loved ones
  • We only have now
  • Practice presence
  • Be
  • Love hard
  • Live with intention
  • Write a will


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