How do you hold space for yourself and others?

What does holding space mean for you and others?

When someone shares they are sad or they are happy or worried….what do you do? How do you respond?

Some people will go into problem solving mode.

Some people will empathise with the person.

Some people will dismiss the other person and move on.

On my journey as a yoga teacher, I have been lucky enough to meet people from all different walks of life, ages, ability and disability, backgrounds….I find the best way to hold space is to:

  • pause and
  • listen

That is the greatest gift you can give someone. To pause, listen and see someone for who and what they are and where they are. Without the need to fix, or give advice…people often have the answers and simply need someone to be an ear and validate their experience. Feel heard and feel seen. Yoga teaching has gifted me with this skill…I went to Bex Tyrer’s class many years ago and we did a listening exercise. Where we were partnered up and one person would share and then the other person would share. Each person would observe and relay what their partner said and vice versa. It was so interesting to see what each partner remembered, their interpretation and the natural inclination to solve everything. Sometimes people simply want to be heard and be seen. Something to ponder next time you have a conversation with someone. I have found myself chatting with friends and basically asking “How can I support you?” … yoga is not always about poses or stretching on the mat, it’s about what happens away from the mat and being able to be available for those around you to see and offer space.

As a yoga teacher, I feel lucky to be able to offer a space for people to land in classes and share yoga and meditation. That said, I still need people to hold space for me. :=) We all do. Sometimes it is uncomfortable for people to hold space for me and see me vulnerable. However, I share this because we are all human and are interconnected with the need to support one another.

Yoga and meditation creates spaciousness in my mind and time so that I am able to show up and support my communities to the best of my abilities. :=)

Wishing for you to find a place to call home and opportunities for you to let your guard down and for good people to embrace you the way you are. xx

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