Ground in outdoors

How do you stay grounded when life gets busy?

…. you take time to pause.

The busier you are, the greater the need to pause. Even if only for 10 deep conscious breaths where you are present with each and every inhale and exhale, mindful breathing is powerful. You can reset your nervous system and release feel good hormones.

Someone said to me recently, you must do yoga flows every day? I said – no actually. I don’t tbh.

What does my yoga practice entail when life gets super busy?

  • Conscious breathing
  • Pause
  • Meditation
  • Deep rest – I love my sleep and I am hopeless when I don’t have enough sleep. I am cranky, tired, find it difficult to concentrate when I don’t have enough sleep.

Taking time to pause and sit still has been helpful for me to ground in and connect with my inhale and exhale and taking time to sleep and rest.

What works for you?

You have many different tools available to use to ground yourself. Sometimes people get stuck on the idea that they must dedicate 60 minutes to a physical yoga practice to be grounded, centred and connected. Sure – in an ideal world. I used to think this way too and felt guilty if I didn’t practice 60 minutes per day. The reality is some of you may be busy mamas aiming to get 10 minutes per day to yourself, or you are a carer or flat out at work. Everyone is different. For me, I have unexpectedly been travelling a fair bit over the past 18 months for work, to see my family overseas in PNG, to explore new places and I have need to preserve my physical energy for this movement. To ground in, my physical practice has taken a step back and I have been doing more meditation and journalling. If you want to focus on building a physical yoga practice, I would recommend at least 2 – 3 x per week as a minimum.

What do I do daily?

  • Prayer: As a yoga teacher, I won’t share who to pray to or how to pray. I feel that is not my right or space to do because people from all different backgrounds and cultures land in my yoga classes. However, I am sharing that I do say a prayer every day.
  • Gratitude practice: I count 10 things I am grateful for each morning when I wake and before I sleep
  • Breathwork/meditation

What do I do weekly?

  • I will move outdoors a few times a week. Swimming or running outdoors connects me with my surroundings. We are designed to be outdoors and in this beautiful world, rather than constantly indoors on devices.
  • Gym x 3 times per week
  • Yoga x 3/4 times per week
  • I hold my feet. Sounds random, but when you hold your feet, it helps you to connect to the way you move and ground in as you shift through your day.

Grounding #1 tip

  • Notice how your feet touch the earth as you walk, how they feel in your hands and thank you feet for carrying you through your journey.

Stay grounded my friends. Connect in with you and take care of yourself.

Roxy xo

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