Gratitude journal prompt: Reflect on something good that happened each month in 2022

Would you like to start a journal practice and unsure where to start? Here is a 2022 gratitude journal prompt to get you started this side of the year.

  • Reflect on each month in 2022 and list something good that happened.

These are my points each month that I am thankful for. đŸ™‚ I have many more! However, these stand out.

Thank you for….

Thank you for teaching me about the importance of regularly getting my car serviced in January. My car broke down on the highway, sun setting, minimal phone reception and 5 hours from home. Thank you for strangers and the Childers mechanic who hustled hard to get me back on the road asap, which they did! While I waited, I stayed at stunning Coral Cove Golf Course and had an unexpected holiday! Lol. Silver lining anyone?

Thank you for keeping me safe in February! I found myself at the local police station following some dramas and stalking behaviour! It’s also my birthday month, and I got to celebrate with some of my best friends in the world, who are like sisters. Friends are the family you choose and I am thankful for them.

Thank you for good people holding it down for me and keeping me well fed and nourished as I isolated home alone and navigated a nasty case of COVID-19 in March. Hello long COVID.

Thank you for taking me home to my mother country in April after several years away. Hugs and life in 3D is way better than life in 2D.

Thank you for showing me my strength in May. C-19 got me good and it took me a lil while to recover.

Thank you for yoga teacher training in June. I completed chakra yoga teacher training and loved it.

Thank you for allowing my visa to come through quickly in July. It meant I could be with my family as we laid my sister-in-law to rest and grieve as a community. We are still grieving, and taking life one day at a time.

Thank you for August, I met someone who reminds me what it’s like to belly laugh and have your own person. He feels like home, an adventure and a hurricane all at once. Hurricane in that I was sad when he left in September it wreaked a tiny (big) bit havoc on my heart.

Thank you September when I had family visit from PNG. I cherish each moment I have with loved ones.

Thank you for October, I headed out of town for work to attend a mental health expo and raise awareness about the value of mental health services in remote regions. Our rural and remote communities everywhere need our support. In Australia, in PNG, around the globe. Life is still happening outside of city hubs.

Thank you for November when I travelled again for work to a remote community. This time speaking with seniors in aged care. I always learn lessons from seniors about working hard! No lazy people thank you (I didn’t tell one particular gentleman who lived his whole life as a farmer on acreage that I am a yoga teacher and encourage people to be lazy and to rest haha. It’s conscious rest)…

Thank you for December and making it to this point where I get to write this article. I made it, you made it, we made it through 2022! Survived 100% of our worst days and shone on our good days.

Here is the good, bad and ugly of 2022.

Here is to a beautiful New Year in 2023.

I am grateful for you being here with me and reading these posts. Take care and stay safe this festive season. May 2023 be your best year yet.

With love always,

Roxy xoxo

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