Pet therapy, yoga and you.

Do you have a pet? You have animals in your life Or maybe you live on a farm or in a rural area and surrounded by animals?

If so, you are very lucky! Chances are you are a happier person for having pets, than not!

One of my sisters got a cat last year and LOVES her cat and tells me all the time how happy her cat makes her. I see my friends and their dogs and the joy their animals bring.

Read 20 reasons to why having a pet will make you happier!

Recently I was in Boonah, south west of Brisbane and met Marley! Marley is this gorgeous pony here who helps people with anxiety. People with disability and people who are stressed might pet Marley or walk Marley around the paddock as a way to connect and heal. Marley is from Scenic Rim Equine Assisted Therapy. This beautiful business is run by a counsellor, Alice. S.R.E.A.D indicate that

“People experiencing any of the following challenges can benefit from equine assisted therapy:

  • Managing anxiety or depression
  • Moving through life transitions
  • Healing from trauma 
  • Relationship issues
  • Managing anger
  • Managing PTSD.”

The connection with animals helps people to build self-confidence and trust.

I love this relationship with animals and how it can be mutually supportive for the animals and humans.

Would you believe me if I told you there are goat yoga classes? Goat Yoga – All You Need To Know About This Fun Yoga Style (

I have never tried goat yoga, but the benefits include anxiety relief and stress reduction.

There is also puppy yoga! Read about puppy yoga here. The benefits of puppy yoga and goat yoga are the same — anxiety relief, deeper inhale and exhale.

I know there are some yoga practitioners who are very anti animals in the yoga studio, my take is, if it brings someone peace and joy and they are respecting animals – let them be. 🙂 I love animals and hope one day I will have my own lil puppy! 🙂

Should you wish to bring your goat, puppy or pony to a yoga class with me, you are always welcome! Lol.

Take care, Roxy xo

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