Why should you land in a yoga class?

You could potentially leave the class feeling happy, calm and stretched out. With a consistent practice, you may also experience an increase in strength, flexibility and calm when challenges rise up away from the mat and move with a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness in daily life. That’s why….do you still need convincing? 😉 No worries, I understand. Let’s take a deep dive…

Yoga effects

Sooo the science has caught up with what the yogis in India always knew. The yogis knew about the gifts of yoga that were/are in the Vedic texts. The Vedas contain knowledge and wisdom in mantras and prayers from which yoga came to be! Meditation came first, before the physical practice of yoga. Interesting hey? I thought the physical practice came first because that’s what we see a majority of the time.

The physical practice of yoga and meditation helps to:

  • Reset your nervous system
  • Breathe deeper
  • Experience deeper sleep
  • Create internal calm
  • Create strength in the body
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve mobility

With a consistent practice, you may find that your perspective changes along with your mentality.

Dr Brahmand Nayak indicates that yoga boosts your grey matter density, which means that you can improve your brain function, increase pain threshold (not that we want you to and to be in pain!!), increase self-awareness and compassion! Wow, hey? Download more information from Dr Nayak here.

There are many different interpretations of the word ‘yoga’. One translation of yoga is union and the premise that yoga brings your body, mind and spirit into union because you are practicing presence with your breathing exercises. This is powerful in a world that competes for your attention and takes you from one place to another. Here is a great article which breaks down yoga and union. This process of bringing different parts of you into union works to create a peaceful mind. Who doesn’t want a peaceful mind?

Sooo during this week of Mental Health in Queensland, I plant an idea with you and encourage you to get to a yoga class! Or even have a go at one of my mini classes online.

I hope you get to tonnes of classes, love your practice and experience the benefits and gifts of yoga!

Roxy xo

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