Heart chakra: Healthy love exists

  • Healthy love exists, and it’s beautiful
  • Respectful communication
  • Kindness in relationships
  • Care and joy
  • Sometimes it’s easier to keep walls up cos then it means no one can get to you, no one can hurt you
  • The flip side is you are potentially locking out love and care that you so deserve
  • What if you would allow love to shine onto you and to touch the parts of your heart that have been hurt
  • What if you let your own love heal you, and when you are ready, let the love around you to fill your heart where the cracks are, where the wounds are….

Here is a healing love mantra or prayer for your meditation if you would like to bring this quality to mind and into your heart:
– Thank you for the love that envelopes me
– Love surrounds me
– Love guides me
– Love holds me
– Love loves me and I love love
– I am worthy of love
– Love is healing my heart and soul

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