It’s cool to be kind

In a world 🌎 where you can be anything, go anywhere, I am reminded by this pot plant πŸͺ΄ to be kind! It’s cool to be kind…

It reads “We don’t have to agree on everything to be kind to one another.”

I love when people have strong opinions and beliefs. I have strong beliefs around a wad of topics, yet am reminded to have some humility to be open to new ways of thinking. And stand firm in my own values and respectfully communicate my boundaries. Draw a line in the sand and say — this is unacceptable.

Is it enough for someone to have a fire social media feed and preach words of kindness, wisdom and love and act with hate? I find it difficult to follow along with this kind of behaviour and action and be inspired by this. In PNG we say ‘karim kaikai’, meaning there is truth to the words you preach.

As I continue to share about yoga and the wisdom of yoga beyond the physical practice and breathing techniques, am I practicing what I preach? I heard one teacher say your yoga will show if it’s working or not through the quality of your relationships with the people closest to you. Do you fight frequently with the ones you love? When there is no Facebook live or Instagram love and no one is watching? Are your words nourishing and kind, or do they cut deeply? This may seem like common sense, yet it is so often overlooked.

I’ve actually had several big blow ups with people in recent years (e.g old friendships have ended abruptly, Twitter arguments of all things, my yoga biz disagreements) because of a difference in opinions! But, I’m very proud of myself, I didn’t shame anyone cos I hate it when people do that online, I didn’t swear and yell (I wanted to tho tbh) and send flame emails. Basically I said — ‘this is where I’m at. I hear you, I disagree’ and parted ways with kindness and respect. And sometimes I’ve been wrong too. So have worked hard to apologise, own my mistakes and make amends…

Anyway, long winded way of saying — it’s OK to disagree! May kindness and respectful communication always rule. πŸ’—

Yoga is not only about how flexible you are, it’s how you land in the world and treat others when no one is watching.

Your breathing exercises are powerful. As you come into challenging situations away from the mat, and you will – this is life after all, chances are you will start to notice your breathing start to increase and heart rate start to rise as your temperature rises and body switches into fight or flight mode. With a consistent practice, you have the potential to catch yourself, calm yourself and respond with intention rather than react in haste and sometimes, regret. This is where and when you will see the fruits of your practice; in a challenging situation to test your chops.

Meditation, if you are practicing consistently, has the potential to bring awareness into what you are doing and how you are acting and how you respond to the world when life doesn’t flow your way. Like anything….it’s a practice.

Sending you love and so much light. xx

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