Chakra overview: energy centres 4, 5, 6 and 7

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I shared about energy centres through the spine in January! We concentrated on energy centres 1, 2 and 3 along the spine. You can read the article here! This is the follow up article!

Sooo, as mentioned in the previous chakra article, when you free up the energy centres life has the potential to flow a little bit more. Or if you need balance in your chakras, there are specific poses that can nourish the flow of energy and your chakras if you have an overactive or underactive energy centre.

4th chakra

The 4th chakra along the spine is one of my favourites! Perhaps it is my favourite chakra to work with because we are working with your heart space and rib cage. When you physically nourish your heart chakra, this can help with breathing easier because of the connection with the heart and lungs and focus on upper chest. This is also the chakra that influences your ability to give and receive love. Poses that help to free up the heart chakra include locust pose, sphinx pose, wheel pose and fish pose. We do so much crouching over phones and laptops, it can feel refreshing to open up through the heart space.

5th chakra

How’s your communication? If your communication could be better, this is the chakra for you! This energy centre can be found around your throat. Meditation that uses your voice is really great to free up the flow of energy here, particularly if you would like to find the words to communicate with ease and impact. Poses that can help to free this energy centre include cat and cow pose, bridge pose and fish pose. Read about freeing up this energy centre and related poses here.

6th chakra

You can tap into your 6th chakra by bringing awareness to the space between your eye brow centre. This is where your third eye and intuition sits. If you feel indecisive or unclear about a situation or how to move forward on something, tap into your 6th chakra and energy centre through seated meditation poses that bring awareness to this area between your eyebrows. Another way to connect with your 6th chakra is placing your hands in prayer pose and taking your thumbs to connect between your eyebrow centre and meditating. You are physically stimulating this area and bringing awareness in with gentle pressure from your thumbs. Also check out Pinterest which covers the 3rd eye and poses and foods you can eat to support your intuition and inner wisdom so that you can move forward with confidence.

7th chakra

Your crown chakra which is literally at the top of your head, your crown, and is where your connection to a higher spiritual energy can be cultivated. To activate your 7th chakra, I recommend that you work through your energy centres from the base and then head to the crown chakra. This is not mandatory! However, can help to systematically free up your flow of energy from your base chakra to the top of your head. The poses that can help to stimulate your crown chakra include poses like tree pose and butterfly. Download this outline from Pinterest which goes through the 7th chakra poses.

I hope that helps to provide some clarity around the energy centres in the chakra system and how it relates to you physically and energetically. I have included a tonne of links! Feel free to explore what works for you and leave behind what doesn’t. This is your yoga journey and yoga and I are both here to support you and meet you where you are with your yoga, meditation, journalling and self-care journey.

Send me any questions or comment below!

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