Post International Women's Day run!

Celebrating women every single day!

Women are amazing! Have a beautiful International Women’s Day on Tuesday and every single day!!

Over the weekend I ran 9.5km to raise $ for breast care research. I ran and thought of my mother, grandmother, aunties, tambus, sisters, nieces, my friends, colleagues, students, clients and women in my life. I ran because I want to raise money, I also ran because I wanted to celebrate being a woman plus pay my respects and show my appreciation to the girls and women around me and over the globe. I am sending love, always.

I was reading online and totally understand that some people feel triggered by this day. That it’s not empowering and that it is a token day. I agree that we need to celebrate and support women every day, not only one day. Even though that’s the case, I still want to celebrate women and people who identify as women.

Being a woman is not necessarily about having the physical attributes of a female, or about having children or being married or having long hair. It’s a feeling and for me, this day is about opportunity. Providing more opportunities to girls and women, because the system that is failing our girls. For every single woman who is breaking glass ceilings, there are girls and women out there who can’t see the ceiling. We need to strive to genuinely break the bias, advocate for girls and women and hold space for our sisters to be able to see the ceiling. How? This is unique for each person and one starting point is through education. Why does it matter? A few reasons are to end generational trauma and to end poverty. There are so many more reasons!! Read about breaking the bias here.

So in closing, I will leave you with this thought:

Here’s To Strong Women:
May We Know Them,
May We Be Them,
May We Raise Them

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrating you, the reader and all the fabulous girls and women in your life.

Thank you my beautiful sponsors for backing me!!! Xxx πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’— If you would like to sponsor me, there is still time! Here is the link: Mater Foundation – Roxy Aila

My feet are sore with blisters from the run and my shoes are well and truly done and broken! Lol.


Let’s #breakthebias2022 every day, beyond this special day. There are so many ways to break the bias and it depends on us doing the research and acting with intention.

Let’s move forward together. πŸ’ͺ🏽 πŸ’—

With love,

Roxy xoxo

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