Watch guided meditation: I am loving kindness

Hey beautiful community,

How are you travelling? As we see Ukraine hit hard and watch other parts of the world in conflict, we pray for peace and healing on this planet. Peace peace peace. Shanti Shanti Shanti. Shanti translates to peace and there is so much power in global prayer as we raise the vibration to protect this planet.

Here in Brisbane we have been hit with a storm cell and have experienced rain since Wednesday last week with people evacuating. Some people fleeing homes with the clothes on their back.

Sending love wherever you may be in the world.

This video covers how cortisol and adrenalin can flood the body during times of stress, which is pretty natural! If you find yourself anxious during this time, know that it’s super normal and natural given where we are as a global and local community! So often we can try to put a lid on how we feel, when the best thing you can do is allow the feelings to rise and address these emotions that come up. There is what is happening externally and also each person is walking their own path with their own challenges. Could you show compassion to yourself and to others as we move forward and navigate life day by day.

I will take you through a guided meditation ‘I am loving kindness’ which is powerful, beautiful and support you to cultivate a calming and loving energy and to enable you to share with yourself and your community and our global community.

If you would prefer the written guided meditation, I got you! Here is the link: February focus: Love and compassion meditation – Roxy Aila Yoga.

Wishing you much love and so much compassion and kindness at this time and always.

Roxy xoxo

Header photo by Ditto Bowo on Unsplash

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