February focus: Love and compassion meditation

How is this month of love treating you? I hope this month of love has been kind to you so far. In the spirit of love, I have a love and compassion meditation for you. 🙂 The greatest love affair you can have is with yourself. Whether you are happily paired up or happily single or unhappily paired up or unhappily single. Wherever you may be, I see you and encourage you to show yourself some kindness, compassion and love. So often I see people sharing their best selves with others, without space to care for themselves. Could you take time to pause, yield and connect in with your divine feminine energy (whether male or female, this is not about gender)? Divine feminine energy connects in with the moon and has a quiet, introspective and cooling energy.


  • Bring attention to your heart space
  • Sit tall, crown reaching towards the sky
  • Place your left palm over your heart
  • Right palm facing down on your knee
  • Notice your left palm move as you breathe
  • Start to visualise a vibrant green light around your heart space growing with each inhale
  • Imagine you are sending this light to your whole body with each exhale
  • Repeat “I am loving kindness” as you inhale and exhale
  • Repeat 10 x with your breath in and your breath out

Read more about this loving kindness meditation here. It is incredibly powerful.

Sending you loving kindness, peace and wishing you a gorgeous week ahead!

Roxy xo

Photo by Adithya Vinod on Unsplash

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