Self-care is a habit

What do you do on those days that you simply don’t feel like taking care of yourself? You have time, but your energy is low and you’re just not feeling it. Perhaps you have paid for the gym and have time, but you are busy scrolling Instagram and zero will power today. Or perhaps you are feeling dehydrated, but too tired to have more water. Or perhaps you have your gorgeous 2022 journal, but can’t be bothered to journal cos it’s too much effort. Or you know yoga asana is great for you and meditation, but there’s a lot of steps to take before actually landing on the mat….if this is you – I get it. This is also me! Lol.

Confession: I don’t always feel like rolling out my yoga mat, I don’t always feel like writing in my journal to decompress, I don’t always want to go to the gym. I feel tired and there are days when my feet are dragging. I have time, but will power is not there.

How do I shake myself out of this mindset? I spend less time thinking and more time doing. I show up and land without overthinking. I take decision action because I have made a commitment to myself.

There is a space between thought and action. The more time between a thought and action is where procrastination kicks in and there is analysis paralysis. Which means you may be analysing the pros and cons of taking action and this can result in not making a decision towards self-care at all. When you override the hesitation towards taking action, you are re-wiring your brain and flexing your success muscle and showing yourself that – “Yes, I can show up for myself. I am committed. I am taking care of myself.”….it’s like eating your vegetables. Doesn’t always taste good in the moment, long-term veges are great for you! If you continue to show up for yourself and can work through these days when the resistance is strong, you are literally changing the pathways in your brain and working towards your intentions with fire in your belly. So, you are cultivating will power and developing a habit of self-care. This confidence that comes from changing your daily habits has the potential to seep over into other parts of your life as you experience the benefits of eating your veges! Your meditation practice, your gym, your yoga or journalling activities.

The other day I felt like napping after a long day at work. I didn’t feel like going to the gym. However, I showed up for the gym and completed my second session for the week and I am proud of myself for showing up and working towards my goals, my intention of getting fit to run in a fundraising 5km social race in March.

When you find it challenging to land on your yoga mat to move your body joyfully or practice meditation , just land. Go for 5 minutes. 5 minutes is great because you are planting seeds and overtime this will gradually evolve to 10 minutes and so on. Think about your self-care practice as non-negotiable and like brushing your teeth. In order for you to experience your beautiful smile and healthy teeth to grind your food and help your digestion, you brush your teeth twice daily, right? Same goes for your self-care practice.

So often people want the results and transformation and inner peace or happiness or strength, however don’t commit to the regular practice to make it happen. It is absolutely possible to get to where you want to go. The first step is overriding the resistance and hesitation, and landing. 🙂 Happiness is a habit, inner peace comes from a commitment to peaceful activities, physical strength comes resistance training and this does not magically happen overnight. Tough love from me today! But, we need to cover this early in the year to plant seeds and set the wheels in motion to get you firmly on track to your intentions. 🙂

Know I am cheering for you as you land and cultivate your self-care practice. You got this! DM me any questions. I have a video about this topic, which I will post soon.

With love,

Roxy xoxo

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