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Chakra overview; energy centres 1, 2 and 3

This week we are talking all things third energy centre related. I am referring to the energy centres along your spine, known as the Chakra system. The chakra system has 7 energy centres along your spine. When one or more of the energy centres becomes blocked, this is when dis-ease or imbalances may occur.

Base chakra: During our first week of classes this year, we focused on the root or base chakra. This relates to feeling safe, grounded and connected. Our practice and meditation was about grounding in and had a earthy/grounding feel to it. Another way to look at it is through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the base level, we need shelter, food and water to survive, before we start to progress to heightened levels of survival and awareness and being.

Second chakra: Last week, we focused on the quality of water and the energy centre just beneath the belly button. This is where creativity and pleasure/joy lies. If you feel stuck in these areas, you can literally get into water to connect to this quality to free up water in your body and around you so that you can activate this energy centre. So often, we can get into a rhythm and lose our sense of flow or creativity. These small steps can support your flow at work, with relationships, with exercise or general life.

Third chakra: This week we are bringing attention to the space around the belly. Physically developing a strong core and abdominals is great for daily functionality and mobility. Energetically, this is where your willpower and courage is located. Your ability to cultivate your inner discipline and fire. Sometimes we can get stuck on ideas or get caught in a past event, however by stoking your inner fire, you can physically develop a strong core, digest food efficiently and energetically also be able to digest life and take action.

To build the core and tap into the 3rd energy centre, we will be working on fiery poses like planks, half plank, chatauranga, navasana/boat poses to develop foundational strength and conditioning. Our meditation will be around a vibrant yellow colour to connect with the heating energy of the sun that is able to burn through doubts or energy that is stuck.

Stay tuned for chakra information on energy centres 4 – 7…coming soon (code for – I have to write it! Lol)…

To find out more about the chakra system, have a read through The 7 Chakras – A Beginners Guide To Your Energy SystemZenlama.

For the next few weeks we are going to work through all 7 energy centres to kick off the year and set a solid foundation for 2022, physically, mentally and energetically.

As one friend said to me, energy is currency. When your energy is depleted, you will feel it and it will show up.

The chakras come from the Vedas. The Vedas refer to knowledge or text and this is where yoga knowledge is held as well as information about the sister science to yoga, ayurveda.

My article is very light on! There is so much more to learn, please do click on the links in here to find out more. Or if this is enough information for you, perfect! I will post more in the coming weeks to talk about energy centres 4 – 7. Update 15 March 2022: Read about energy centres 4 – 7 here.

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