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Welcome back to 2022

Hi beautiful community, how are you? Welcome back! I pray this finds you well, happy and rested after the festive season.

Tell me how your holidays were, if you celebrated? Or perhaps you have hit the ground running with Omicron variant? Some of my yoga classes have definitely taken a hit with the new variant and class cancellations. Which has reinforced my need to start sharing more online yoga classes on YouTube and here and Instagram! 🙂 However, before we get into what’s new in 2022, let’s talk about what is.

What are you grateful for today?

What are you celebrating? Yes, I realise we are still in a pandemic and Omicron is zipping around the world, however there are always beautiful moments in your life to celebrate and to find peace within. Big or small, we have to take the wins and pause to celebrate. Know that I am celebrating you!! Always.

At this time of the year, there is plenty of talk about intentions and goals and new year resolutions. Before delving into them, I find it useful to ground in to see the amazing gifts right in front of us now. For if we can’t be happy now with what we have, will we ever be satisfied once we achieve x, y, z? You know what I mean? Could you taste the fullness of life right now. Practice being present, today. Intention setting and looking into the future is a fine balance between staying present and celebrating now, whilst having an eye on the future and working patiently towards where we are going. Cultivating resolve as you put in the work daily towards your long term intentions that come from your heart and personal purpose.

Sooo that’s what we are going to talk about over the next few blog posts!

  • Cultivating gratitude through meditation, daily yoga, asana
  • Intention setting; vision board, your personal mantra to embody daily
  • Meditation

Some other news, I did put together a mini survey and found that people are interested in 10 minute meditation classes and 20/30 minute yoga classes. Sooo, that’s where I am heading to support people on their yoga and meditation practice. Let me know what would work for you too! DM me or comment below. There is so much yoga information out there, it is a vast practice, I want to be able to make the content relevant and practical to you!

With love,

Roxy xoxo

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