Need help choosing the best yoga class for you?

Here is a guide to the yoga class for you, based on how you are feeling.

Do you feel like you have energy to burn and seeking a strong practice and would like to challenge yourself?

  • Choose a Power Yoga or Vinyasa class. Power yoga has been influenced by Ashtanga yoga practice which is a rigorous practice and involves a system and set sequence of poses. This is great for building strength and flexibility. You can also choose heated classes. Hydrate beforehand if you go to a hot power yoga class.

Do you feel like you want to move your body and meditate, however would like to spend longer in your poses?

  • Choose a Vin Yin class which incorporates part movement and part longer holds. Yin yoga involves active stretching and longer holds.

Do you feel like you need extra support and to rest?

  • Choose a Yin Yoga class or a Restorative yoga class. Props like bolsters, blankets, tennis balls and the wall are often used in yin and restorative yoga to enable you to reset your nervous system with a slower, re-generative yoga practice.

Do you feel like you would like to still your mind and focus on breathing and meditation practice?

  • Choose a Meditation class. All classes will include breathing and meditation practices, however a 30 minute or 60 minute meditation class does not involve movement and is generally in a chair, on the floor, against a wall or on your spine so that you can drop into a restful state and literally be with your breath. Here is a guide on what to expect at your first meditation class!

Holler back with any questions! Best way to see what works for you is to go to a few different classes. You will naturally be drawn to some styles and some teachers and not others. Above all, enjoy your practice! Notice how you feel during and after class and let that be your guide. 🙂

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