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Podcast series #2, episode #1 about body image is available now!

Why does body image matter? Body image has an impact on how you feel inside and values are programmed into young humans aged 5+ up to seniors….unfortunately not all the values and messages we hear are supportive. Instead they come from a place of “You’re not good enough and need to do xyz until you are worthy”. This can contribute to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, binge eating, unhealthy habits like binge exercising or eating disorders.

The podcast episode provides ideas on what you can do to change the programming within so that you can love what you see in the mirror and not tie your self-worth to external factors like your skin tone or weight. You are more than your exterior.

The yoga world is not immune to this and yoga stereotypes and focus on strong physical practice and bodies can and has discouraged people from even stepping foot into a yoga studio. This is a great article which highlights that the wellness industry is not always welcoming.

Take a listen to find ideas on how you can be conscious about the body image messages you are receiving and cultivate self-kindness and compassion.

Take care.

Roxy xo

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