Help calm the body and brain with 3 part yogic breathing

3 part yogic breath steps

  • 3 part yogic breath involves getting comfortable!
  • Wherever you are, seated on the mat, chair or laying on your back body, ensure you are comfortable.
  • Get comfortable releasing ideas of what yoga ‘looks like’ and start to tap into how you feel and body awareness, the weight of your body and the natural rhythm of your breath in and out.
  • Place your left palm over your heart.
  • Place your right palm over your belly.
  • Breathe into your right palm, notice your belly move, draw your breath in to fill your rib cage, bring awareness to your chest as you inhale and your heart lifts.
  • Exhale.
  • Notice your left palm start to lower, chest lowers, ribs start to contract, belly starts to release.
  • Inhale and repeat 5 x

How does this 3 part yogic breath help?

You are working with 3 distinct parts of your inhale and exhale to provide an opportunity for you to have more oxygen in the body. More oxygen in the body means your muscles in your body, tissues, cells, systems are able to function more efficiently and you can also think more clearly because you are getting oxygen to your brain. You can read more about the benefits of oxygen on the body here. Even without the data, how do you feel when you experience moments when you can breathe deeply? We can survive days without water, without shelter, without sunlight….yet we cannot survive for days without oxygen.

What is happening when your breath is shallow? Your body may potentially be stressed due to external factors, or internal and this stress can lead to shallow breathing which means less oxygen to the brain and the body has to work harder. Here are 5 Warning Signs You Don’t Have Enough Oxygen In Your Blood (


3 part yogic breath is part of the scope of pranayama in yoga. Prana in sanskrit translates to energy and yama translates to control. We are working with the breath and control to influence the energy we are cultivating. A shallow breath may create more of a frenetic and stressed energy, whereas 3 part yogic breath influences an even breath in and out.

Have a go and let me know how you go! There is so much change in the world and energy is high at full moon time. 3 part yogic breath has a grounding quality as you start to notice how you feel emotionally and mentally and how you can start to regulate your breathing whenever you need.

Roxy xo

Pic is from Cascade Waterfalls, Vanuatu. Oh take me back! Post pandemic goals, hey. 🙂

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