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Yoga on the mat and off the mat

For years I would sit in yoga classes and teachers would share about taking yoga ‘off the mat’. I didn’t quite get this idea until I heard a teacher share about taking yoga off the mat (out of the yoga studio) and sharing your magic and kindness and good vibes with the world. Post yoga, often people may experience that blissed out vibe…yet, that blissed out vibe does not matter (or make sense) if… say we cut someone off in the studio carpark, immediately after we were sitting and meditating for peace next to each other. Or say we are abusive to friends and family or our community or colleagues or send nasty text messages. Where is the yoga and bliss we are sharing in our daily life if actions don’t match up to the peace meditation? A regular yoga practice will strengthen the body, increase flexibility and develop a disciplined mind…and sure, we can develop an ‘advanced practice’. I say advanced practice in quotation marks because to me, you will see the quality of someone’s yoga practice not in their physical ability on the yoga mat or knowledge of the vedas or in the decades of yogic study or ability to meditate, rather it will be in the simplicity of daily life and interactions with people close when no one is watching.

I have been thinking about what yoga means to me as I practice and I teach. I love that I have been able to develop a strong practice and cultivate some sense of peace in my mind and yet I know this is only part of it. Am I practicing what I preach or full of bullshit with my actions and words? May this practice keep my heart soft, honest, open and ready to give and receive love. That’s what I am been praying for this week – guidance to do my best.

My wish for you is to also continue on your journey of yoga to support what you need and be able to enjoy the fruits that come with a regular practice in terms of developing a strong body, determined and clear mind and soft heart ready to receive the love you deserve and ready to share your heart with the world.

Sending you all the good vibes for the week ahead as you cultivate your yoga on the mat and off the mat to support a strong body, strong mind and soft heart. xxx

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