Yoga offers the chance for deep rest to reset

How are you keeping on this week in between Christmas and New Year? Here’s to you taking time to pause and rest. This year has been tiring and challenging and everything in between. I hear a lot about what yoga is and what yoga isn’t. Each person will have a different experience and each experience is true.

What I have loved about yoga over the years is the invitation to pause and listen to how my muscles are and body is feeling, what my heart is encouraging me to do and also listen into what is happening in between my ears. And hear when I am tired and need to rest. I love this picture I found on Tumblr reminding us to rest when tired…not to quit when life gets hectic and overwhelming. xo

3 thoughts on “Yoga offers the chance for deep rest to reset”

  1. Wonderful. I had a terrible fall recently while at the park. At least two sprains and really banged up. My yoga is reduced, but I sill do a little though and deep breathing.

    1. Hey Nico! Oh I am sorry to hear about your sprains! That’s no good. Yes, definitely take good rest. No stress about the physical practice, especially when you had a fall! Yoga is still yoga without the physical practice on the mat. Breath work is a huge part of yoga and the breathing exercises and meditation is incredibly powerful to help calm the body and brain and offer up healing energy to yourself. Take care! Happy New Year to you and your wife as well from this side of the pond. 🙂

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