Life is always teaching us

I love the practice of yoga and teaching yoga. It is a privilege to be able to share this practice with my communities. Equally, I love to learn and be a student.

I previously taught between 2 – 4 classes per week at a yoga studio on the north side of Brisbane and really loved getting to know my students. It was really interesting to note their surprise when I landed on the mat beside them to be a student and attend class together as we were led by my yoga teacher colleagues. Yes, I am a yoga teacher. However, I am a student first and always learning. More often than not, I learn from people who do not have the title ‘teacher’. Sometimes we can get caught up with the label of ‘teacher’… when life is the biggest teacher. Experience. Relationships. People. Sometimes a teacher is not a lecturer or a teacher or someone leading a class.

Our biggest lessons can be gained from our children, our friends, our family, arguments, making peace, finding common ground, releasing what no longer serves, falling in love, falling out of love, it can be from our animals/pets, nature, exploring a new place or illness or health. There are many parts of life that cannot be taught from a book, or from someone else and needs to be felt and experienced in order for us to grow….

So…yes. I am a yoga teacher which I so love. That said, I am and always will be a student with life teaching me constantly, challenging me and shaping me on the mat and off the mat in the world. 🙂

Who are your teachers that don’t necessarily wear the ‘teacher’ hat in the traditional sense?

May our hearts and minds always be open to learning, sharing our lessons and wisdom, and listening to our own inner guide and intuition.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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