Wedding yoga

Yoga for Brissie bridal parties

Have you ever organised an event and thought “I am going to lose my shit in a minute?”

What if the event was the day you married the love of your life?

How do you stay connected to your body, breath and mind and stay present to enjoy your day fully?

That’s where Kerrie Mann and I come in! We are starting to offer yoga for Brisbane brides and bridal parties with our intention to take care of wedding parties with meditation and yoga. We are able to come to you and your friends on your special day and we provide all of the equipment. We’ve got you covered with yoga mats, blocks and straps. 🙂

Kerrie also knows firsthand what it’s like to be a busy bride!

“I know firsthand how planning a wedding is fun but busy and stressful. We can get caught up in the high energy, running through the constant “to do” list, making sure every detail is perfect…sometimes forgetting to pause and enjoy the moment. My wedding day passed in a brilliant blur and I was left thinking “I wish could have slowed down and taken more in.” I also understand the anxiety associated with ‘hype’ of it all; being the centre of attention, dealing with crowds of family and friends and of course making that big commitment to your partner. And let’s not forget the icing on the wedding cake….Covid!”

I am out here in the single wilderness and have never organised a wedding, however I have organised several personal events and corporate events that have me practicing deep breathing to calm the nerves! Incorporating movement, yoga and meditation on big days has been my saving grace. Even 5 minutes of meditation and grounding is so supportive for me.

Kerrie and I genuinely want to support our Brisbane community in a practical way and wedding yoga is an offering from our hearts.

Contact Kerrie or I will any questions! Kerrie is on Instagram and Facebook and you know where to find me on here! Comment below or via the Contact form and I will be in touch to better understand your bridal and wedding yoga requirements. 🙂

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