What does self-care mean to you?

I have recently returned from a yoga retreat with Miriam Van Doorn, my yoga teacher who taught me how to teach yoga. The retreat was all kinds of amazing and held two hours from Brisbane at Maleny.

I was part of a small group of nine students and we loved it so much that when we had our closing circle…none of us wanted to leave! We kind of looked at each other and said, “I guess we better go now?” 😀 😀

All of us landed at the retreat for various reasons, all on different paths and brought together for a nourishing weekend.

When I told some friends I was going on a yoga retreat, they said “What!?”….and I get it. Some people may find yoga retreats really boring! I have heard people say “Yoga is really boring. It’s like watching paint dry.”…which makes me laugh because I am die hard yoga, more please. The difference in opinion is great because it highlights that one person’s idea of self-care is different to another person’s idea of self-care.

What is your idea of self-care?

How do you self-soothe and remain replenished and able to show up and be and give your best?

Self-care does not always have to be about going away for the weekend. The attendees at the self-care workshop Kerrie Mann and I co-facilitated recently said self-care means:

  • Drinking more water
  • Cutting down on coffee
  • Making time to see friends and having a chat
  • Attending a self-care workshop
  • More sleep
  • Going to Church
  • Saying a prayer
  • Massages
  • Baking
  • Journalling

Self-care is as individual and unique as the stars in the sky. It does not have to be costly. If you take this thinking and small decisions about self-care bigger, it starts to spill out into other decisions in life.

Self-care also means:

  • Leaving jobs that are toxic
  • Ending relationships that no longer serve
  • Saying yes to something pulling at your heart

How can you take care of yourself a bit more this week?

This is me planting the seed and inviting you to invite more self-care into your world. Whatever that means for you.

Roxy xo

5 thoughts on “What does self-care mean to you?”

      1. Well the election we well but the current president really needs to go and doesn’t want to. So he makes up lies about the election so people won’t accept it. Yes he is that awful. He planned it this way because he knew he would loose. He is like a dictator.
        Anyway Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won legitimately. And we are praying for a peaceful transition.
        The virus is raging, and my wife has cancer so I’ll be retiring soon. Illness does not define who we are though.
        Thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well. Each post you share is very encouraging to me. I am trying to increase my yoga time. I do stretches mostly, something similar to Yin but I’m not sure it should be called that. I’m also doing deep breathing. Peace to you.

      2. Hey Nico,

        thank you so much for your message.

        Oh it’s terrible – Trump. I am so happy Biden and Harris are in. Yes, our prayers are with you for a peaceful leadership transition too. I am truly sorry to hear your wife is not well. You are right, illness is not what defines your family. Love and hope is and your beautiful blog inspires people on WP and around the globe. 🙂 Yin sounds great! Yes, deep breathing is really powerful to support inner peace. I’m well here and grateful for our connection via blogging! How cool. 🙂

        You and your family take care, Roxy xo

      3. Yes, Biden/Harris will make a great difference! Thank you so much for your beautiful comments and encouragement! Your compliments are a tremendous blessing. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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