Rhythm is a dancer

Do you remember the song from 1992? Rhythm is indeed a dancer and can be instrumental in finding your yoga flow. Am I talking about going fast or slow in your yoga practice? No…I am talking about your daily rhythm and routine with yoga.

Finding your own unique rhythm in yoga has the opportunity to support you with a solid foundation in a shaky world.

The last few months have been an intense time of change. Is Mercury in retrograde? For many people, there is a real feeling of going backwards or no where. I walked down my neighbourhood today and felt so sad to see business after business close down. COVID-19 has felt like it has shattered many dreams. Or perhaps humanity shattered the world and COVID-19 is the world’s way of saying – you didn’t listen. We don’t know.

Even so…I do respect and understand there is a greater power in this world than you and me. With every personal crisis or painful moment I have encountered, and there have been many, has been a re-birth. A new beginning. Rhythm is what has held me in the midst of crisis.

How do you find your rhythm?

– Find what activity supports you

– Find what fills your cup

– Listen to what makes you happy

My daily rhythm involves:

– Yoga

– Prayer

– Meditation

– Journalling

– Tea

Chocolate is a lovely to have! Chocolate is not necessary, but I am a human being and not a human doing….and chocolate does help my rhythm. 🙂

The activities above help to ground me. It does not turn me into a holier-than-thou, all knowing yoga teacher. Life still happens, my heart breaks and I still cry…but these activities help my sanity and movement and peace of mind when the world is anything but peaceful.

Finding your own daily rhythm can help your body to reset your nervous system so you are not carrying stress in your body constantly.

Here’s wishing for you to continue to find your rhythm in your daily practice. Know that 5 minutes is perfect, on the days you cannot find 30 minutes.

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