What are you grateful for?

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to co-collaborate with Megan and Kerri from Total Fusion Chermside and raise the vibration, funds and direct healing energy to people, animals and land impacted by bushfires in Australia. We pray for rain.

I am thankful for beautiful students who showed up for 3 hours today to support the cause. Funds raised go towards Wires Australian Wildlife and Country Fire Australia. It felt special to be in a group practicing and joining forces to meditate, practice and pray for this country. We raised $373 AUD!

It felt important for me personally to do something. I am not on the front line battling fires, but I still wanted and want to somehow contribute for this land that I have lived in for close to 25 years.

The fires in QLD were 1 hour away from us here in Brisbane and in Victoria the land where my brother grew up was up in flames. He drove me through Victoria years ago and the land was so lush, green and cool then. I can only imagine how people in the coal face felt with fires engulfing homes. I pray for this land that feels equally homely to me as does my Papua New Guinean home.

As time goes on, I have a greater appreciation and respect for the Indigenous people and history of Australia. We recognise traditional Turrbal landowners and the Turrbal area which we know to be Brisbane.

I wanted to fundraise to express my gratitude to this country that has held me, educated and supported me for decades and to show my hope for healing land, people and animals damaged by the bushfires that continue to burn.

What are you grateful for?

How can you show your gratitude?

Recognising the beauty of each moment, showing gratitude, only takes a moment and can help to keep your eyes and heart wide open.

Roxy xo


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