Embracing trips around the sun

I am 37 soon. Yowsers. Wowsers. Whoa. Haha…O.M.G.

Since it’s my birthday soon and I seem to be growing more and more grey hair, here are some pearls of wisdom cos grey hair means I’m wise rriiighhht?? #amiright? 😉 Hardly. BUT! Here we go anyway.

I hear people complain often about getting older. HOWEVER!! What a blessing to have one more day.

One more day to eat your favourite ice cream.

One more day to laugh a bit louder.

One more day to fight for the world you believe in.

One more day to hug your baby (child or spouse or both!).

One more day to share what you know and care about with the world.

One more day to wear age like a crown and celebrate all of your royal amazingness.

One . More . Day .

We know life is not always beautiful. It can be painful, grey and downright shitty.

But if the sun rises for us again it’s an opportunity to start all over and not wait until next year….or Monday…or next month or when xyz happens.

Instead choose now to leave shit relationships, toxic people, damaging habits and environments that suck the life out of your soul.

I read a reflection piece asking: What would you do if you knew this was your last day or your last year on this gorgeous planet?

  • Where would you go?
  • What would you do?
  • What would you protest for?
  • What relationships would you invest in?
  • What wounds would you heal?
  • What course would you enrol in?
  • What would you sign up for?
  • What country would you travel to?
  • What would you let go of?

So with my newfound philosophy….I move into a new decade thinking about choices and my intention to be brave for one more day. 🙂 Because one day, there will be no more days to be brave in! For you…or for me.

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