Leap into 2020


Wishing you the kind of year where you leap into your intentions with much joy and zest! Here are ideas to support your 2020 intentions. 🙂


Develop goals that are S.M.A.R.T

– S: Specific goals
– M: Measurable goals
– A: Achievable goals
– R: Realistic goals
– T: Timed goals

Here is an example of a goal using SMART principles.

I commit to going to the gym 3 x per week for 12 weeks to enable me to run 15km at Tough Mudder.


I am getting fit for Tough Mudder in 3 months.


Intention setting works hand in hand with goal setting. Intentions come from the heart and an emotional place. If you can understand why you want to complete the Tough Mudder run for example, then you can start to bring a greater level of awareness to your goal and why it is important to you.

In my mind, intentions come from a place of feeling. When you are emotionally engaged, you can move mountains.

Swami Shivjyoti Puri shared with my yoga class several years ago that when you are setting an intention, it is important to ask a few questions:

– Why is this intention important to you?

– Who will benefit from the intention when it comes into fruition?

– How will this intention serve you and your community?

This was an aha moment for me! And it brought a greater level of self-awareness and questioning to what I was wishing, hoping and praying for.

Food for thought as we begin a whole new decade! Woohoo!!

Have a beautiful New Year.

With love, Roxy xo




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