The link between journals and mental health

Do you journal? Do you make lists? Do you write it down?

I have so many journals in my home! I have journals everywhere and have 1 journal for my personal yoga practice, 1 journal to track my menstrual cycle, 1 journal with yoga classes, 1 journal for my yoga biz, 1 journal for my marketing work. I am sure there is a better way to manage this all!!! But, it works for me in terms of physically writing down where I am with everything and getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper.

Researchers estimate we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day!! How do you decide what thoughts to hold onto and what to let go? Who has had a thought and had that thought on replay? I have. Which is why I feel it is so valuable to get thoughts out of your brain onto paper, or onto your laptop, or onto a recording so you capture it. Also, being really careful about which thoughts you hold onto.

When people feel unwell mentally, chances are negative thoughts are on repeat. Negative thoughts are natural and normal, but it is when these thoughts override daily life on repeat that it can become challenging. And sometimes debilitating physically, emotionally and mentally. Words from experience here! It can be a downward spiral. To get myself out of a mental and emotional funk and negative thought cycle, I sought help from counsellors and doctors and 1 activity they recommended was journaling.

Regularly journaling has supported me with

  • Clarity
  • Creating space in my brain
  • Intention setting
  • Goal setting
  • Performance tracking with my marketing roles, yoga teaching roles and out in the community
  • A deeper understanding of my body and menstrual cycle
  • Noticing energy levels shift throughout the month and it has been interesting to note my body’s cycles over the course of 4 months

This doesn’t mean that I am a zen master 24 hours a day! But, regularly writing down my thoughts and plans has supported my mental and emotional well-being.

Check out Health Benefits of Journaling!

I highly recommend you give it a go! It has helped me and my hope in sharing is that you will also find value in this. No one has to read your journal if you don’t want them to! No special equipment needed either! A school exercise book and pencil is perfect to start with.

Love to hear how you go with this!

Roxy xo



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