Yoga Immersion with Bex Tyrer, Bali

I never realised how incredible the human body and mind is until I got sick a few years ago and basically handed myself over to doctors, nutritionists, counsellors, trainers, life coaches and yoga teachers to educate me about how I can take back my body and mind and step into my skin fully.

This education process did not happen at one time but it has been a journey since I turned 30. That was 6 years ago now and I am still learning. Still making mistakes. Still adjusting. Still growing.

One of my teachers on this journey is Bex Tyrer. I studied with Bex Tyrer in May and June this year and loved my 16 days of training. The course content covered the history of yoga, influences, lineage and also contemporary yoga.

What does yoga mean today?

– Is it a dark practice that weird people do?
– Is it stretching to some music?
– Is it dancing?
– Is it meditation?
– Is it a religion?

Yoga is unique to each person and I can’t speak to someone else’s experience of yoga.

For me, yoga means breath. Yoga taught me how to breathe again and open my eyes and say yes to the world again. I literally could not breathe and one point had crazy anxiety. The teachers physically counting breaths to inhale and exhale taught me to breathe. Maybe that’s why I love this practice so much…I have learned to simply breathe again.

The course was special and brought together women from around the globe – Hawaii to South Korea to Italy to Amsterdam…and your girl here waving the flag for PNG.

One of the key lessons that came through was around activism.

What does activism mean?

Yes, I can learn all the Sanskrit and the history of yoga and quote a beautiful and inspiring post on Instagram….but then call my mother and treat her poorly.

Is that yoga? Or is that acting?

Activism is what you do when no one is watching and how you live off the mat. What you fight for.

The other key message that came from the course was around the innate wisdom of the human body. How do you treat your body? This is where you teach your body the behaviour to accept and teach others how to treat you. The menstrual cycle is unique for each woman and holds so much power and a guide to your natural rhythm. I encourage you to chart your cycles regularly and notice how your body moves and hear what your body needs. Knowledge is power.

So I am here walking my walk and doing my best to practice what I preach rather than be full of hot air and beautiful quotes and striving to treat my body with respect.

I want to share with you today and invite you to claim your power, your body and mind and share the magic that you are with the world.

Here is the course link:

There is a course coming up in December!! Check it out. xx

Plus video snippet from students who completed the course. You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to attend. Bex offers empowering and educational courses for anyone who wants to attend.

Roxy xo

Watch the video on YouTube and hear from students who attended the courses!

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