8 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

… #1 because you need it!

Need I say more? But, I have said more haha…I have broken down the reasons below.

# 2: To hit the pause button and rest

I went on my first yoga retreat at Mt Glorious with Shivjyoti in 2017. I loved it so much that I sang for about a week when I returned from my yoga retreat. I also slept early while I was on retreat and loved the opportunity to slow down.

#3: To create space in your body and mind

Spotty internet, no TV and no radio up in the mountains was great! We were surrounded by lush trees, could see the stars clearly at night and the air was cool. The cabins were gorgeous and had a fireplace that I didn’t want to leave! We also saw a snake which was a bit scary! Apart from seeing the snake, my body felt very content being up in the mountains!

#4: When you take time to respect and nourish your body, mind and soul, you also teach others how to treat you…with respect

The retreat was wonderful and planted seeds and ideas that I am only starting to see flourish now. For example, seeing food as energy and nourishing your body. I struggled for a long time with chucking anything into my body. KFC and chocolate with a mouthful of wine to wash it down was my Friday night meal followed by tummy aches and dehydration. Found out later I am lactose intolerant!! No wonder I was getting so many tummy aches. Yes, it was challenging to make healthy food choices and I don’t ever want to be a calorie counter and take the joy out of food! But, the retreat had sessions on food as energy and those ideas planted over 2 years ago led to me slowly changing eating habits overtime and now eating a completely different way compared to 3 years ago. I have started to nourish my body with better food choices, embraced a daily meditation, regular yoga practice, started to say no to unhealthy intimate relationships and yes to what matters to me and my values.

#5: To meet like-minded people and create a community

I met beautiful people on my journey. I made new friends at the yoga retreats I have been on and am still in contact with friends around the world, plus here in Brisbane. It is special to share a yoga retreat experience because it is a spiritual journey and there are often personal shifts happening.

#6: For perspective

Taking time away from your regular routines helps to view life and challenges through a different lens. A fresh perspective to problem solve.

#7: To gain a deeper understanding about yourself, your body, your mind and of course…yoga

We journaled, had a sound healing ceremony and practiced yoga as a community which has helped my soul to heal, to understand myself better and to understand the people close to me better. Yoga is more than a physical practice and has truly changed the way I live and interact with the world. I pray I always maintain my love of this practice that has held me these past 5 years. 😊

#8: To explore a new place that you would not ordinarily explore

I have checked out Mt Glorious north of Brisbane and Ubud, Bali for yoga retreats! I had no desire to explore Mt Glorious or Ubud prior to my yoga journey. I am a creature of habit and have homebody tendencies! So going to Mt Glorious and Ubud was wonderful to explore. 😊 Next year I am due to go to Thailand for yoga teacher training and a retreat. I can’t wait! I have never been to Thailand before! Perfect reason (not excuse) to travel and learn!

Have I convinced you to take time out for yourself to go on a yoga retreat? It is well worth the investment.

Here are some retreat centres to check out!

Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay is stunning.  Beautiful and fresh organic food grown on-site, gorgeous location 5 minutes from the sea and retreats. I went to the retreat centre as part of yoga teacher training and I didn’t want to leave!

Yoga Barn, Ubud is an hour from Denpasar airport. Well worth the trek to check out their regular retreats.

Take time for yourself! And take good food and good rest. No one else is going to care for your body or mind as well as what you can. Only you.

Roxy xo

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