Ahimsa | Non-violence

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word which is part of yogic philosophy and translates to non-violence. Not just in a physical sense to other people…. but fully and something I thought of today as I was fruit shopping!

My local fruit shop called this fruit “ugly”. During yoga teacher training our principal yoga teacher shared how as a society we are quick to label…everything! Label everything as good or bad, pretty or ugly. Which is so true! I have been thinking how our society values youth and beauty.

As I get older with more wrinkles on my face, grey hair coming through now, stretch marks on my thighs and cellulite on my backside…is this all ugly? Cos that’s what the ads around me are telling me. To inject this, plump this up and pull my body that way to stay younger and be wrinkle free.

How young are we supposed to look?

Is growing older not a beautiful experience denied to so many?

We have an ageing population but do we care for our elderly with love and respect and value life experience?

My invitation to you is to check in with your language and labels and be mindful of the messages you accept. I used this “ugly” fruit which actually looks pretty perfect to me and made my lovely lemonade. 💕

This is my body positive and mental health message for you today. To love your body, your feet and skin that holds you as you are.

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