Listen: Mental Health and Yoga Podcast!

My epic yoga teacher Susie Garden Wellness interviewed me for a mental health and yoga podcast and we had fun once I figured out how to get my laptop speakers working!! (Where is I.T when you need them? 🤪)…

The podcast is about finding that good old work-life balance…something I didn’t do very well a few years ago. But, I’m good now 💪 Thank goodness. Bloody long journey!

Listen to the podcast via Susie’s Channel on Spotify.

I have been landing in Susie’s classes for about 3 years and she has been teaching me about yoga, meditation and better choices with food. Susie is all kinds of wonderful and holds space for me and fellow students which I’m so so grateful for. Thank you so much, Susie! xxx

When I lost my job last year, I landed in Susie’s class crying and she said — yes, Bali is a good idea and this is the world closing one door and opening another! So I went to Yogabarn, Ubud last year on her recommendation and loved it and went back again this year and completed 2 courses there this year with Bex Tyrer and and I loved the courses.

I hope you take a listen to the podcast!! And hopefully find some hacks in there to take care of yourself a bit better 💕💕 Sometimes mental illness can sneak up on you and send you down a slippery slope if you don’t catch it in time.

Follow Susie on Facebook for nutrition and food tips to support anxiety.

With love, Roxy xo


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