Studying with Bex Tyrer

Wow! That’s how I feel about the Living Wisdom and Unwind the Feminine courses I completed with Bex Tyrer.

How do I even begin to summarise 2 beautiful and meaningful courses I had the privilege of attending in May and June this year? How do I even begin to express my genuine love and gratitude for these courses, incredible teachers and humans? Well…I will have a crack with this review!

May 2018 to May 2019

I had been looking forward to training with Bex Tyrer, Yoga Teacher and Activist for 1 year and the courses were everything I imagined it would be…and so much more!

Why did I sign up for the courses?

I went to 2 of Bex’s classes at Yoga Barn in May 2018 and emailed her immediately and said “Please teach me about yoga and teach me how to teach!”. Bex teaches with a genuine love and passion for yoga and makes it relevant in our contemporary world. It’s one thing to teach yoga, and another thing to embody yoga and to mean what you say. To me, Bex embodies yoga.

Post courses review

The content resonated with me as someone finding their way as a new yoga teacher with a desire to share the fruits of yoga in a genuine way.

What worked well?

  • The care for students that Bex and Carin showed
  • The depth of knowledge about yoga, detail in each presentation and yoga class over the courses
  • Bex and Carin’s obvious passion and love for yoga. On the mat, in the history and in the contemporary world of yoga

Questions for me as I share yoga and course content

  • Is it enough for me to teach if I don’t embody, believe or practice yoga?
  • Am I walking my talk?
  • Is yoga a money-making machine focused on the asana that removes the heart of yoga and only for the privileged or a fad that will fade away like an Instagram story?

No. The courses reinforced to me that yoga is for all people who would like to practice regardless of race, religion, age or gender.

Bex shared ideas on how to activate a personal practice, the history of yoga, lineage and yoga influences overtime, authentic teaching and service, the power of the menstrual cycle and so much more in order to make yoga relevant to people eager to teach yoga and to practice yoga!

I signed up to learn from Bex because asana is the tip of the iceberg. I want to go beyond the physical. Is it enough for me to quote beautiful yoga quotes, do a handstand and sit isolated on a rock meditating? Nothing wrong with that! But, I want other people to experience what I have experienced with yoga. That yoga is an incredible tool and way to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. And even if you are perfectly healthy, yoga is a way to connect on a deeper level with yourself on the mat, connect with other practitioners, connect with our community and environment.

Sometimes my practice flows and sometimes it is bloody hard and I don’t feel like moving on the mat at all. I feel all the emotions – the good, bad and ugly. As someone who previously put a band-aid over my feelings and emotions for decades, I wanted to understand why yoga worked for me and show other people how and why yoga works. My yoga mat and practice sees me… flaws and all without judgement. Sometimes my practice is strong, and sometimes not. The course content enabled me to bring a greater sense of awareness to my personal practice, teaching and also life off the mat out in the world.

The course content covered trauma and the yoga body. The topics in the courses are not easy! Don’t expect a holiday if you do these courses! Some days I felt emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted as energy shifted! My co-students were wonderful and it was a supportive and safe environment! But some days were confronting as I had to dig deep, challenge my own ideas, notions and step outside my comfort zone!

Icing on the cake

We had the privilege of going on excursions to a nearby gorgeous waterfall and also to Yogi’s Garden. I felt like I was in my element during our excusions as we walked barefoot hiking, I could the feel the rich and cool soil beneath my toes, see rows of fresh fruit and vegetables, eat nourishing food, practice yoga, journal, challenge myself and ideas, share and also tune into how to activate yoga in daily life at home and also fight for what I believe in.

Sebatierra is a Chilean musician and played beautiful music for us during classes. Francie is a Yoga Teacher and Director of Pure Flow Yoga in Thailand and led our singing circles.

I could feel myself shifting and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and explore yoga, beyond the asana, mantras and theory, because I have a desire to take yoga off the mat and into my community and into my network in a practical way.

Who better to learn from than a teacher who inspires me with her work on the mat, and also off the mat in communities in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal, UK and around the world and also in her own personal life?

Who better to learn with than a group of incredible women from all 4 corners of the world?

Thank you so incredibly much, Bex and Carin for sharing with such grace and humility.

Please check out more information on Bex’s website Freedom Through Movement. If the courses speak to your heart, please heed the call and go! I waited 12 months for the courses and it was such a rich personal experience and I totally want to train again with Bex and Carin!

With love, Roxy xoxo

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