Dancer's pose on Gili Meno Island in Indonesia

How do you keep your cup full?

And I am not talking about your cup of coffee, or tea or hot chocolate. I am talking about your mental and emotional cup so that are able to show up as the fullest version of yourself at work! Plus, show up fully in your community, with friends, with your spouse and your children.

This message came through recently during 2 yoga courses I completed with Bex Tyrer in Indonesia. I spent 18 days in Ubud learning about the history and lineages of yoga, authentic teaching, service, embodying yoga, traditional and contemporary yoga. One of the key messages that came through from my teacher was the ability to keep my cup full in order to serve others and share, not only yoga, but in business and with my community, friends and family.

Today I invite you to take stock of where you are and how you spend your time, at work and outside of the office and see what brings you joy so that you fill your cup! And to give more to yourself to enable you to be fully present with those around you.

Society values our busy-ness and “hustling hard”. What if we were to stop with the busy-ness, slow down and take time to do what we truly enjoy and to rest…and be OK with rest rather than see it as a sign of laziness?

Rest and working with intention is something I have been working on in my thirties. My twenties flew by as I jumped into my career head first after graduating, I was living and working hard, rather than smart. This approach basically left me lethargic and led to taking 3 years out of my marketing career when I hit my 30th birthday. I have re-entered my career over the past 3 years with a different approach.

Second time around in my career, I am striving to work smart rather than hard. I am a work in progress and making mistakes as I go! However, the intention is there compared to early in my career where I worked hard, played harder and never rested until I mentally and emotionally broke. I encourage you to build a sustainable career rather than sprint through life. These are my words of experience. 😉 Good thing I can laugh about it now! But, I am serious when I say that through regular rest, your health, your body, your friends and family and work will thank you for it!

Common conversations I hear:

Person A: How are you?

Person B: Busy. You?

Person A: Busy

Busy being busy chasing our tails and wearing “busy-ness” like a badge of honour. Me included! Let’s all slow the heck down and consciously choose how we direct time and energy.

I will leave you with these questions to ponder! And invite you to take more time for yourself, to keep your cup full, plus appreciate the beauty of here and now.

  • How often do you rest?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What leaves you energised?
  • How much time do you regularly dedicate to activities that bring you joy?
  • How could you adjust your week coming up to incorporate rest?
  • How could you adjust your week to incorporate more self-care?

Wishing you a productive and intentional week that incorporates regular rest! Rather than a “busy” week.

Take care of you!

Roxy xoxo



P.S The picture above was taken at Gili Meno, Indonesia. I took 2 boats to get there in between the 2 yoga courses I completed! I called a time out and took off to the islands away from the busy-ness of Bali to incorporate some rest. The people are so warm and welcoming at Sunsethouse Gili Meno and are from Lombok, neighbouring island. It was the perfect week snorkelling, swimming and drinking coconuts! Please go to Gili Meno if you need some rest away from the hustle!

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